Height: 5’8”

Bust: 33

Waist: 27

Hips: 39


Dyesha Hicks is a commercial model and actress that is native to the fast-paced Brooklyn culture. As the oldest of six siblings, she was the most introverted, yet imaginative child. Maturity has transferred the creativity of her youth to the energetic and resilient woman she represents now. Devotion to her mother through the challenges of her past has empowered Dyesha with the strength to endure. She is driven to ensure that she grasps the triumphs she envisions for herself and the patrons of her services. As a fitness enthusiast and ambassador of hospitality, Dyesha is committed to the success of those who inspire her and not just her own. Dyesha attributes her success as an entrepreneur to the character traits she has developed throughout her life. She has passionately invested time and energy in building her brand through marketing, public relations, and resource development.”

Dyesha grew up most of her life in the poverty stricken areas of Philadelphia, and Brooklyn. She watched her single mother struggle to provide for the family, yet through hard work and the will to not quit, she prevailed. From this, Dyesha has developed the persistence to succeed despite the obstacles ahead of her. Nevertheless, she is not afraid of the fall because she has felt the ground before. Because of her inner-city background, she is enjoys the “rawness” and originality of the underground. This, undoubtedly, contributed to her well-rounded experience as a commercial model for over four years. Complemented with a quirky and uncensored character, Dyesha is utterly irresistible to network with as a model and actor. But, she maintains a level of professionalism that delivers a superb quality of work. Beneath the tantalizing exterior of Dyesha Hicks, lies a soul bursting with the energy of the sun, giving light and warmth to those who share her vision of success. Armed with her deep cultural background, and creative personality, Dyesha is driven to apply her knowledge and experience into every aspect of her personal and professional life.